Gorilla Music is an affiliate company of Mstar inc. Gorilla Music was established in 2017 by three musicians who had been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The President is a former musician and a business man.

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Gorilla Music is looking for talented artists who want to become the next shining star under our record label. We will be setting up auditions at venues throughout the United States to promote new artists. There will be small to large audience attendance at the auditions to give feedback about artists’ live performances.  If you know that your project is the next hit on the billboard, then come and join us and let us help promote you. You will be broadcast live through our Live stream channel and voted on by audiences from all over the world, which will help promote you in the music arena.  Come and join us and get discovered. You could be the world’s next best-known artist. Please submit your profile and demo for evaluation.

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