Gorilla Music is an affiliate company of Mstar inc. Gorilla Music was established in 2017 by three musicians who had been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The President is a former musician and a business man.

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Making music is hard enough, but marketing is even harder. There are millions of artists that try to promote their project on platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and so forth, but the large majority of creative artists are never discovered by an audience. Music is just like a product. If you cannot get your product directly to your target group, then your product is worthless. You must wonder why your product is not creating a bigger impact the way other artists’ products are. Even though your product and your appearance is better than your competitor’s, your competitor gets the most recognition. The power of marketing and advertising is the key to success. Our team of professional marketers specializes in the music industry, and they can help take your project to the next level in a short time. Our professional marketing team knows the music industry, and we know the connections. Our large database of music goers that fit your genre will help you hit the right target group. Using social networking to boost your reputation is not enough to get the job done. There are many traditional marketing strategies and new technologies that, when combined, can help you reach millions of listeners in a short time. Let the experts do the job so you can concentrate on what you do best. Send us an email for more details !!