Gorilla Music is an affiliate company of Mstar inc. Gorilla Music was established in 2017 by three musicians who had been in the music industry for more than 20 years. The President is a former musician and a business man.

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If you need to create a demo, remix, or mastering, we have teams of experienced sound engineers that work with hundreds of artists to make their music to sound amazing. Not only do our professional sound engineers know about mixing and how to make things sound right, they are musicians themselves. They understand what it takes to make tracks sound even better than the original demo. They also give advice to artists about what steps and ideas are needed to fit the next and current trends of music. They understand that artists have egos and want it their way, but our team listens to those idea and implements them to make the music better. Not only do you get the best mastering, you will also get close attention from a coach to help assist you throughout the process, Send us an email to get your music right the first time.